Whispers from the Woodlands

This afternoon I can feel the dark moon as she makes her way to me,  her voice rising above all that has troubled me in the last few days.  Immediately the words started to come last night, a most welcome feeling. It was like the spring rain that graced us ever so briefly today, washing away the last of winter and following with a rainbow for added delight.

There is a contentment with me today even in the midst of the earlier chaos,  There is a feeling about me today, one of being wrapped in the embrace of love and safety.  It’s something I’ve never been able to adequately explain but I feel a certain ease when I lie back, as if I am not alone and the cares of the day are heard as they pour from me to my unseen companion.

Words come now as whispers from the woodlands, enchantments and journeys from within waiting to be woven into something new.  Perhaps the dark moon and her mysterious bond she has with me will help guide the way.


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