The Sound of the Ocean

Tonight is a long awaited night of peace, the house all in bed except for me. The words have been flowing today forming into many things and I have been anxious to have time to write. There is tranquility about me today, one that is unexplainable but one I certainly appreciate. It has not been an easy day, however, my son and I too much alike, waging our usual battles with one another. Bedtime was better and all has been settled between us.

The ocean calls me tonight, a place where I travel so often in my mind. I can hear the waves and feel the sand under my feet. It is here that I have drifted away to places rich with colors of the past and journeyed forward to new beginnings. Water has always brought me peace and for many years I longed to live by the ocean, though I would have settled for a lake. I do live close to a lake and go there often, though not often enough. Often my journeys to the ocean carry me to other places, the deep woods, the small house I find in a clearing, or sometimes paths I cannot explain.

It is late and I need to go to my ocean and sit on the rocks watching the water move about me. Where I go from there is a mystery.


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