Last night I finally felt some words moving again. It’s been a long dry spell, fueled by stress and tension in my day to day life. At one point I wondered if it had just come to an end and I was out of words. There was even a day I almost closed my blog. As I sit with my coffee this morning I’m still wondering about it all just a bit but I know deep down that this is not the case. The words are merely changing a bit, shifting their style, and it has been more challenging to put them together.

Perhaps the long winter just took it’s toll and now that spring has arrived everything is waking up, including me. I feel a renewed connection with things and yet I find I’m searching for myself once again. Apparently not only the words are changing but I am changing as well, in what way again I’m not quite sure.

Today I think I will take a stroll to my lake. Perhaps sitting by the water will help me find some of what I am looking for.


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