The Unseen

Earlier today I was trying to respond to a political post centering around oppression. It was an excellent post but as I read it I started to get angry. I wrote my response several times and eventually had to stop as I found the need to start screaming at someone, anyone. There was nothing wrong with the post or the person who wrote it. The cause is a true and good one. What bothered me was how easy it is for us to back a cause for those far away while ignoring those in need close by. While those here at home may not be oppressed in the same way, they are struggling day by day, just to have something to feed their children. The working poor are not trendy or spiritual in any sense, but their hearts are filled with desperation just as real as the ones so far away.

Perhaps the plight of the poor we so often choose to ignore isn’t quite as desperate as some, but it seemed to me that until this problem is fixed, we really don’t stand much change of saving the world. How can we expect others to embrace the cause of another when they are cold, hungry and tired.

Tonight I am angry, as is probably apparent and my son just asked me why I was crying. Please don’t misunderstand me and my love for others. I care very much what happens to  the people of the world and it is not my intent to minimize the suffering of others. Something I will never understand, however, is why some people have more value than others. It is an age old question I’m sure, as this has been a bitter truth down through history.

This is not my usual post about the moon and stars, or some beautiful mystery of the earth. The world is filled with much beauty and the moon and stars are companions to all of us, looking down on all the fills our world both good and not good. They see the people of the earth who cry out for help and those who thankfully would champion them. They also see the quiet ones who walk in need, unseen and unheard their spirits fading day by day.


4 thoughts on “The Unseen

  1. My eyes turned red while reading this post. I hope it wasn’t my post you were referring to. You make a very sound point however. There is so much that needs to be done to assure that all humanity is respected in the commonest of terms, it is hard to activate equally among all Earth’s people.

    I just finished a link list with 5 actions sponsored by Dream for Darfur for the April 13th In Solidarity: Global Day for Darfur that you mentioned wanting to be a part of.

    I do thank you for your participation.

    In light and love
    It was not your post, and as I said there was nothing wrong with the post that set me off. It was a noble and good cause. The poeple of the Sudan hold a special place in my heart for reasons I will not cite here. They have been unseen and ignored for so long. I truly feel for them as well and have to get busy for April 13th. I will write something stirring I promise you that.

  2. Oh
    The words i could say..
    I have worked in a shelter after Katrina, and had a man actually throw the fried chicken at me and scream “F*ing chicken again?” and go into a litany of curses. I have spent Christmas day at a battered womens shelter and held a sleeping baby while the nurses put stitches in the mothers head while she swore it was ‘her’ fault. I have given coins to beggars in Hungary, and street musicians in Vienna. The face of sorrow does not change from continent to country, the well of despair is the same every where. Any one who says ” this is more urgent” has never held a crack baby, has never spoken to some one who survived Terizen.
    We can only do small things with great love, we can make a difference, one day, one breathe at a time.
    do not despair…
    your rage is healthy, it means your heart is still alive.
    blessed be….
    Thank you for the powerful share!

  3. …..the compassion you feel for the hurting just pours from this post.

    Just like Sorrow says so beautifully, we can’t help ‘everyone’. When our hearts are moved to help another – whether it’s near or far, whether it’s a one time deal or on an ongoing basis – to follow our hearts is the only thing we must do.

    A long time ago, I heard someone say that a clue to what you were sent here to heal, is in what makes you angry or brings you to tears.

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