More Visitors

Last night while sitting in bed deciding what movie to watch with my son, the scent of mens cologne became distinct while one side of the room became chilly. It’s been some time since we have experienced any activity in the house. For those who don’t believe in such things you may wish to skip this post. There were not any strong emotions noted with the presence as sometimes there are, but it was unmistakable.

As I said the activity that was so strong in our home has been absent for a time and I was so accustomed to some of it, it felt like something/someone was missing. My son has noticed an increase while on the computer, the lowest level being the strongest point for “visitors,” and they have started playing with his hair, something I frequently experienced before it all stopped. Oddly it never bothered me, but it does bother him and I’ve noticed a decrease in his online activities.

Maybe the spring, though is certainly does not resemble spring today, has awakened not only my emotions, but my senses as well, and with it the awareness of all that was always here.


4 thoughts on “More Visitors

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  2. Or, perhaps those who believe and get scared would wish to skip the post. I only say that because that’s probably the way I am. I believe, I get visitors, have many stories, and so many times I just want to squeeze my eyes shut and make it all go away. But that’s my brain speaking.

    Good luck with the visitors and especially your son. If you find a way to keep him feeling strong and open, do share. I’d love to read it.

  3. This is interesting… yes goldenferi… maybe in the spring… be patient… all will be right with these visitors… all will be as it is supposed to be…

  4. It was strange reading this. We have similar experiences in our house and both my husband and son commented a few weeks ago on the lack of visits. But, they also seem to have returned in the last few days.

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