Global day for Darfur

As is always the case, I am one day off. I didn’t realise until now that today is the 13th and the day I had planned to blog about Darfur. I am not well versed in political issues and for the most part I do try to avoid them on my blog. I am no activist, it is not my nature. I am however, painfully aware of the suffering in theDarfur holds a place in my heart, something I can’t explain here and so this time I decided to participate.

I will be the first to admit I don’t know a great deal politically about the situation. What captures me is the suffering of these people. They have been unseen for so long and for my part it seems they lack value to many in this world. Why this is I don’t know but our world has far to go before all people in it are viewed as equal. This part of the world is finally gaining some attention through the media and through the efforts of celebrities with true hearts of gold. “Sand and Sorrow” is a documentary well worth watching. It is narrated and I believe produced by George Clooney who not only speaks out for Darfur but helps raise millions to help these people.

Again I am not one to speak out on the politics of the issue without doing some much needed homework first. There are many many links out there to help you and I become educated and to voice our concerns. For starters please go here and here.


3 thoughts on “Global day for Darfur

  1. Hello there Joy!
    Very nice to meet you, and what an interesting blog you have here!
    Blessings to you for joining the effort to stop Genocide in Darfur!

    Peace & Love

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