Apple Blossoms

Tonight I finally got outside for a walk under the stars. It is the first time I’ve been able to walk at night without layers of clothing and it was so nice. It never ceases to amaze me how the energy of the moon seems to find a way to me.

So many years went by before I started this Journey. I still cannot imagine how I went so long with so little awareness of who I was or what I wanted. There are so many things I have found and yet I still walk through a tangled woods, finding a light here and there along the way. I sometimes wonder what could have been, but then put it away, as this leads to no end or beginning. These past few days have unleashed many emotions and I have surprised myself with unexpected outbursts. This is a new part of me surfacing, and it is difficult as I have never been one to speak out.

Pictures of apple blossoms are gracing my computer now. There is something about them that calms me and surprisingly evokes many memories. The other day I found myself traveling through the years of my life remembering the springs filled with apple blossoms that herald the coming of summer; They are beautiful but fleeting as are many of the gifts we are given.

It seems I am rambling again, it is time for bed and dreams, perhaps of sleeping under trees filled with the pink blossoms of spring.


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