A Beginning

Today was warm and sunny, with the trees swaying in the strong winds. It was the “March wind” in April, drying up the last of winter. I spent the day working in the house, the patio doors open pushing out the stale air of the last few months. Tonight the moon and stars are out and as the wind dies down, I am tempted to sit out for the first time this spring and take it all in. A blanket would be in order I am sure, but it would certainly be worth it.

Of course when I get frustrated with trying to find words, I play with the blog. Yesterday I opened two new ones, trying to choose an appropriate format for new things. I cannot tell you how many I have opened and closed in fits of indecision. Finally, just in the last hour, I took a blog that has been empty and locked, changed the look and started writing. Where it will go I am not sure. As I add to it, I will post a link here on the blogroll. This is a difficult thing for me, dipping my toes into something new. I am not sure how hard I will have to fight against myself to keep it going, as it is my nature to run and hide when I am uncertain about things, but I am pleased with the beginning. The words came, finally.


3 thoughts on “A Beginning

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  2. This was fun to read. I’ve got two other blogs opened myself…and it’s fun to play around with. But I always come back to the WP for some reason.

    Have fun exploring AND trying something new!

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