Learning to Open

Today has been spent browsing blogs. I’ve been looking for more new places finding ones, that make me feel home or as if I have a connection.  I’m feeling the urge to connect strongly with myself and learn more about who it is I really am and who it is I am not. The divine is calling in a strong voice now and telling me I have been away too long.

My blogroll will always be filled with all sorts of places, travel, cooking and those blogs that speak to my inner goddess, so don’t be surprised when you click on something and find recipes, or places to travel.  Sometimes I get very woven into myself and forget all the people out there. This has certainly been the case in the last few weeks. Now as I journey to find out more, I will take in words and thoughts from those who have walked the road before me, those who walk the road by my side and perhaps I can leave thoughts for those who will come after.

The journey to self is a solitary one in many ways, one where we must discover ourselves free of the influences of others.  I am a solitary person, one who has had just a small number of friends during my life. It is a difficult task for me to let myself open to others and really listen as I tend to get lost in my “travels.” Still I know I am enhanced by what others give me and if I can learn to listen to their words I develop a richer more complete view of the things around me.  As I go forward I must remember, as I walk down the path of discovery, I cannot always travel alone.


2 thoughts on “Learning to Open

  1. GF… I understand… I have traveled many roads… It is in finding new ones that bring us closer to home… Peace and light on your journey… or wait “our” journey… we are living this life together…

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