Earth Day

Today is Earth Day for 2008 at least officially. Every day should be Earth Day, as we all should take care to use resources wisely. There are many things we have changed in our household but there need to be more. It appears all the plastic we have been so ready to use is coming back to haunt us in terms not only of waste, but toxicity. Another really disturbing thing is the link being made between all the drugs we have floating around in our water. It would be lovely if it was all filtered out but it isn’t. It seems our children are paying for this in terms of increased learning disorders or at least that is the new theory. Back when Earth Day was first considered, population was a big issue. It still is though it has been pushed a bit by the wayside. We need to consider how the earth will continue to support us if we suffocate her with more and more people. I realise this is a sensitive issue but we do need to be responsible. I’m going to go sit by my lake today and thank the earth for all the beauty I’ve been given. If you have time take a look around you at what we have and see if you can’t give something back.  Our world needs peace, love and tolerance. We need to get to know one another and learn to appreciate our differences. But first, we need to have a home that we can live in, because without it, nothing else matters much.

One thought on “Earth Day

  1. I don’t think population is ever an issue. High consumption is the big culprit here. If every one of us conserve and curb in our consumption, it will go long way.

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