Tonight the sky is clear, filled with stars, but I cannot find the moon. I have looked in all directions and still she eludes me, but I hear her call. The plan was to sit out for a bit under the moon and stars, something I have longed to do after a cold winter of indoor gazing. Now when I have the perfect evening it is as if she says, “come and find me.” The night air is cool and the breeze so light, perhaps I will answer her challenge, and the dog and I will go down the path on a quest to find her light.

In Medieval times a quest was seen as “an adventurous expedition undertaken to secure or achieve something” and most were met with huge obstacles, rendering them almost impossible. Great rewards came to those who conquered those obstacles and reached the end of their journey. For me the reward is just the moon shining down from the night sky, with an energy that fills me each time I look on her face.

My quest awaits me now, if I choose to answer. If not, the night is young and no doubt she will come from her hiding place and find me. Then I will float away with her in dreams. “Goodnight moonbeams everywhere.”

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