The Time of the Fairies

It has again been one of those days when I find myself playing with colors rather than writing the words that have been spinning in my head since last night.  As  May Day, or Beltane approaches it is the time of fairies as our world and the “other world” are said to intertwine.

Of course, all of us have a different concept of what fairies are and we picture them differently as well. Some will automatically picture a disney created creature, sparkling with light and fluttering wings.  Some see them as human in appearance and some may visualize gnome or goblin like creatures. Some describe them as tall and radiant in appearance. In some places they are described as fallen angels the chose not to take sides when God banished Lucifer, trapped on earth until God decides to take them back. It makes me wonder why it would be necessary to create an “unholy image” around sometime that supposedly didn’t exist.

Myself, I’ve never seen one but know those who say they have.  Perhaps it is all just fairy tales,  a creation of a past time to explain events that were unexplainable.  Or perhaps someday before I leave this life I will get a glimpse of a secret world, one that may or may not walk among us.


2 thoughts on “The Time of the Fairies

  1. I love this post! I had forgotten that Beltaine is fairy time, but you are so right. I’ve always found it interesting that every culture has otherworldly beings of some kind, but that they are so frequently different, but fitting to the culture. It has hard not to be out in the garden at this time of year, when you can almost see everything growing and surging with life, and not feel the powers and energies and beings who surround us.

  2. I look at that drawing and see my wee one dancing in the may apples, hearing a song that only she can hear. Wondering in my heart how I can help her hold on to the magic she was born with…

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