Everyday Things

Some of my best ideas come to me in the wee hours of the morning. It seems the lack of sleep from working nights is very liberating and often the words just start flowing. Unfortunately with that liberating fatigue comes the mistakes that often accompany the writing. One of these days I will learn to save and go back after a good sleep, proofing what I thought was well done at the time. As I sip my first cup of coffee and proof my last post I am pink with embarrassment.

The day is gray and cool but things are slowly improving from the weekend. Sun and warmth are due here by mid week though the rains comes shortly after to once again halt my plans to walk to work. I must invest in a good umbrella and a new coat

My deck is no longer graced with the first frogs of the season. They have been released by by son only to be replaced by frog spawn being incubated in his room. He is about to have hundreds of tadpoles and his plan so far is to raise the to frogs to release back into the wild. Life is never dull with a budding naturalist a path he has followed since he was very small. This year he has a better much larger tank and hopefully this will prevent the escape of multiple frogs. Last year I came home to find them hopping here and there in the house. I wait for the tanks of caterpillars and the butterflies that follow, always something special each summer.

Here’s to a happy “fruitful” summer.

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