The Eve of May

Since last night I’ve been busy posting this and that, pictures and music. It seems I can’t write at the moment, the energy of the moment taking over in other ways. Today blogging has been an excuse not to do the things that need doing and I’ve welcomed that excuse. In all fairness I’ve been airing the rooms, doing laundry and vacuuming, certainly something. Now my next task is fixing my candles as I hope to enjoy Beltane eve out on my deck. The way the wind is whipping through the windows makes me wonder if we might not end up in the house.

We now have a large spider in a tank along with the two tanks of frog spawn rapidly turning to tiny tadpoles. I could do without the spider as it is too large for my comfort zone. It does make me think back to the first time I sat with my candles and a large spider was let loose to run free outside, but that’s another story.

I’ve since left this post and returned and now the day is turning to evening and there are things I have to do before the night falls. My Cardinal was here greeting me today as well as the many crows who gather in my “woods.: They are waiting with me for the twilight and what may come on this eve of May.

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