Some Thoughts in Meme Form

I found this meme while exploring blogs this afternoon. It looked interesting and and started me thinking so I’m posting it here. Astrological Sign? Sagittarius Chinese Astrological Sign? Dragon What are you currently setting your intention on or praying for? Inner Peace Who do you pray to? I call upon the divine and the elements […]

A Beginning

Today was warm and sunny, with the trees swaying in the strong winds. It was the “March wind” in April, drying up the last of winter. I spent the day working in the house, the patio doors open pushing out the stale air of the last few months. Tonight the moon and stars are out […]

Global day for Darfur

As is always the case, I am one day off. I didn’t realise until now that today is the 13th and the day I had planned to blog about Darfur. I am not well versed in political issues and for the most part I do try to avoid them on my blog. I am no […]

More Visitors

Last night while sitting in bed deciding what movie to watch with my son, the scent of mens cologne became distinct while one side of the room became chilly. It’s been some time since we have experienced any activity in the house. For those who don’t believe in such things you may wish to skip […]

The Unseen

Earlier today I was trying to respond to a political post centering around oppression. It was an excellent post but as I read it I started to get angry. I wrote my response several times and eventually had to stop as I found the need to start screaming at someone, anyone. There was nothing wrong […]