May Day Thoughts

Last night I had intended to spend my night under the stars. It was a beautiful day and an even more beautiful evening. As we all know, the best laid plans often go awry. My son and I had spent some time outside after which I was very tired, something that has been plaguing me of late. He worked with his tadpoles while I watched a bit of TV while cleaning candle wicks. After that I could tell he was tired so we sat down to a movie.

The movie, Enchanted, was delightful but during one of the songs we heard a crash and ran downstairs only to find the mouse cage in several pieces on the floor. Fortunately the mouse had the wits about her not to exit her little hut. The cats, unsuccessful in their plot wandered away, and we cleaned and reassembled the cage.  After vacuuming the floor we went back to the movie, mouse in tow.  At the end of it my son, who was planning to join me under the stars was exhausted, so I held off until I knew he would be asleep. Of course, I fell asleep as well and that was the extent of any May Day eve activities.

Still the day was not lost in it’s beauty and serenades of twilight are always mystical. Today is again beautiful, though somewhat cooler.  It is sun and clouds now, one of those pre-rain days where you can hear the birds so clearly and every sound of nature seems amplified while you wait for the rain to begin. I think I will just sit outside a bit today before I go off to work. Surely the appreciation of the day and all it brings is what it’s really all about.


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