Sometimes it seems working about the house is very liberating. Perhaps it is the drudgery of housework I have no idea, but in the midst of it all, I sat down and started writing. I think I could have written all night had I been alone, the words seemingly unstoppable. I am always amazed how they can suddenly pour from me out of nowhere. I was drifting with my heart and my heart was full of words and thoughts that needed to go somewhere.

Today, I cannot tell. It is too early to say but I do feel a certain tingle inside of me, one that comes when the words start to push their way out. It is a glorious day shaping up and it may be a good day to take the journal to the lake.

Currently I am experimenting with a new blog so if you see posts coming and going you are not going mad. The new theme is quite lovely but it does not support any widgets. Hence there is no way to add a blogroll that is viewable or any other widget. I am at a crossroads with it all right now as the theme is so visually appealing. We shall see.


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