A Saturday Morning Rant

I suppose this may end up being a bit of a rant but today I am wondering about the disregard we seem to have for one another. I had written a post a while back about the unseen, the poor who we choose to forget. It is so easy to rally around a cause for someone in another country or culture. These are good causes and those these causes help are valuable. What I want to know is what makes those who walk among us any less valuable? Why are those who struggle to get by shamed and made to feel as if they should “figure it out themselves,” making it hard to ask for help. When we continue to turn our backs on those who need a helping hand we condemn them to a cycle of endless defeat, a bottomless pit out of which they may never emerge. Of course there are those wonderful stories about those who “pulled themselves up by their bootstraps” and somehow became a resounding success. These are stories, few and far between.

As the numbers of working poor continue to grow we must look to extend a hand where we can. It may be something simple such as a ride down the road, rather than driving past someone walking in the rain. You may never know who is struggling to get by. For them an act of kindness can go a very long way.


One thought on “A Saturday Morning Rant

  1. You know, I never understand people. We had a family that lost everything in a fire. So we (local folks and myself) got together to raise money with a bake sale . The comments people made were horrid!
    things like “what do you expect they lived in a trailer” and “how stupid they didn’t have insurance” Just use it isn’t worth the shame they are put through. As a single mom I have experienced interesting comments over the years. I have made a go of it for the most part though once been in a bad way. It wugly ugly ugly.
    So many people have no charity in their hearts, it’s really sad.
    You go ahead and soap box, I’ll stand here and add my “yeah’s!”

    There is still this feeling that because we live here there can’t possibly be poverty. People fall on hard times for many reasons and need a helping hand. They are looked at as taking advantage of others or looking for handouts. Of course there are always those to do but for the most part people need the assistance. Many don’t ask for it because of the system and how you are treated. So many people lack compassion that the world is becoming a scary place. I’m terrified to grow old.

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