The Thread of Life

Today is one of those glorious May days. The sun is shining and it is just warm enough without the stifling heat that summer can bring. The apple trees are about to burst into bloom, their pink and white blossoms filling the landscape with color and wonderful perfume. The wild violets are blooming and the tulips are everywhere. It is as if nature comes with all its splendor to lift you when your spirits are low, reminding you that things change, winter turns to spring and all will be well.

My son and I have been going for walks, exploring new trails and we have stumbled across yet another beautiful place. It is marsh and meadow, a place almost otherworldly, seemingly untouched by time. There were birds we had never seen, one that even rested in my hand. We were awestruck by the beauty of this place, of course with no camera with us. I hope to go back there soon and sit with my thoughts. It seems the perfect place to speak my heart and listen for what may come my way.

We go on day to day, some days being difficult making you wonder why you press on. Still in all of this we are given reminders of who and what hold us here.  Shadows of things past and new experiences that wait weave a strong thread, a bond to the earth and the life that waits for us to find it.

One thought on “The Thread of Life

  1. You are so blessed to be surrounded by nature. All I see here where I live are cars, houses, and pollution. Only during my little trips (at weekend’s end) would I find some peace and tranquility.

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