Restless Moon

The  days have been beautiful and the full moon glorious in the night sky. She has called me like no other moon, and I have found myself reading books long since cast aside. There is also a strong need to get away to some secret place to sit under her light. I feel as if something is waiting for me there and this voice that calls me has been walking with me for days.  Perhaps I just need some space and time to sort it all out, the noise and interruptions of the day to day world unnerving me like never before.

The other day I sat and thought about it all and wondered why now, at this point in my life have all these things started happening and these experiences become a part of my life.  Have they always been with me and I now have the time to see and hear, or am I being prepared for the next journey and what is to come?  These are questions I will no doubt never be able to answer, at least not until those answers are upon me.

Many other thoughts have been churning around inside me, some about growing older and though I wonder at many things, it seems others become more certain with the passing of days.  The light of the moon seems to be shining through me allowing me to see at least some of the answers I seek.

Who knows if I will make it out to some hidden place in the next few days. There are a few that I know of, beautiful secluded places where the moon and stars would no doubt be breathtaking.  The need for the seclusion is tempered by reality and thoughts of what creatures might choose to join me. The safety of my deck may be as far as I go.  No doubt whatever is waiting to find me, will find me there if it is to be.

Perhaps this is just a restless moon but it feels like I am moving again on this journey, one that started some two years ago. Again, where it will lead who can say, but when she calls I am bound to her and where she will take me.

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