Wishing On The Moon

Sometimes things come to you when you least expect them. It has been a difficult few days. Things I had wanted just weren’t coming together. I so wanted some special time with the moon but I was edgy, to say the least, and very very tired. Monday night I could barely keep my eyes open and fell asleep before anything got started. Tuesday was much the same though I did get a good look at her beauty shining down from the sky. No problem I thought, Wednesday is still left and I can sit with her then.

Last night came and though I did get a look at her again, I spent the evening growling at my son and finally put on my headphones letting myself drift away. I was saddened thinking I would need to wait another month for the next full moon before I could do this again, but I knew in my state I would never settle into any decent sort of working. I made a wish before I retired and as I listened to the sounds of the thunder and sea, I whispered the words I had intended to say under the stars.

At some point, I must have drifted into sleep and I remember nothing more, except the dream. Apparently the moon heard my wish. She must have carried it into the night bringing it back to me in dreams. All my plans were unimportant. No grand measures were needed, only a wish sealed by a kiss and words whispered to the sounds of nature. All my great plans had blinded me to what was really there waiting for me all along.

Tonight I will need to take a moment from my work and thank the moon for reminding me that she hears me no matter where I speak the words.

2 thoughts on “Wishing On The Moon

  1. Isn’t wonderful when something listens to you?
    It was really strange, last night I really wanted to take a break from my sewing and just sit outside with the moon…
    and when i finally got out there, it was just me and the stars…
    I was being all mopey about it, when an owl flew right over my head an blew my mind!
    I guess the moon was telling me to be good too!

    Certainly she heard me last night and clearly she heard someone else as well. She gave me a dream that spoke to my heart and for that I am most thankful.

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