The Quiet Voice

The words are once again lost to me and I sit with many thoughts I cannot put to the page. It almost seems as if this is controlled by the cycles of the moon, as the dark moon is usually the time when words pour from me.

Currently I feel drawn to read and explore more about the path I am on. I have not had this urge for months. To be honest,  I had put aside all books and just let myself drift, hoping I would find what  I needed. Now it seems the time has come and something calls me to the next turn on my journey.  It is a quiet voice but one that cannot be ignored, and I feel an energy around me difficult to capture in words.  There is a “wild side”  that wants to run with the wind and dance with the fire. I want to sit with the earth in quiet places away from everything but the birds in the trees, and the soft sounds of the water, just sit with my thoughts and listen to what I think is trying to speak to me.

Perhaps it is the energy of spring and the coming summer, waking me from a long winter’s sleep, but it feels like more.  As the days go by I hope to find the next turn on this journey and perhaps I will find the words to capture my travels, perhaps not.  No doubt the dark moon will illuminate me as only it can, and I will find myself filling the pages with thoughts about many things. For now I will walk deep within and journey to a place where perhaps we are given no words but the ones only we can hear.

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