Woods and Meadows

This week has gone by far too fast, having worked an extra night for a total of five in a row. Wednesday now feels like Monday and I seem to be moving in slow motion trying to get things done before I start back tomorrow night.

Yesterday was spent exploring trails deep into the wooded areas and meadows not far from my home. I really have no idea how long we walked but we found places we had never seen. The woods were filled with violets growing wild along the ground like a carpet of purples andlavenders , and the sun came through the trees shining on the tall meadow grasses. We came across a path lined with trees that stood together like watchful guardians. They seemed to speak to one another and I wonder what mystical creatures live there hidden within their shelter. It is truly a place to drift away with wistful abandon, a perfect place for all, especially a dog and a boy.

When I was younger I never really enjoyed such things, walking through wooded places filled not only with the things lending it a mystical feel, but also those day to day things like mud and bugs. Now I feel drawn to all of it though I must admit, a pair of hiking shoes would be a wise investment.

Today the sun is shining once again but the home front calls for some attention and I must listen to that call. Still as I stand on my deck surrounded by the trees and the creatures who watch from behind the thick leaves, I can hear their whispers and I start to realize after so many years, who it is I am.


4 thoughts on “Woods and Meadows

  1. Some times it takes a while to come back to who we are, childhood has so many “other” things that seem to be fed to us. I know my own children are just now rediscovering there love of all things outdoors. To many years in the city and in the dark corners of the sphere…
    Did you take the violet photo? it’s lovely!

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m coming back to myself or just discovering for the first time who it is I am. I can’t take credit for the lovely photo, no.

  2. I can relate to you. Nature brings us back to the purity of childhood; our emotions and our being was clearer then. It seems that now in adulthood, we are not sure of anything; especially not ourselves. I wonder how long it takes to get back to who one really is. Or is living with this confusion the whole point? And how can we trust ourselves when trusting ourselves is what got us mixed up in the first place?

    I hope one day we all have the simplicity of knowing deep within and no more wondering and hoping endlessly.

    It seems I have spent a great deal of my life not knowing who I was, trying so hard to be something I wasn’t for everyone else. Only now am I discovering this person and it is hard to trust some of the things I have seen and been given.

  3. A delightful post, filled with tranquility and appreciation for the wonders of nature. Mother nature can have such a rejuvenating effect on us. It was lovely to take that walk with you and experience the magic.

    The lilac photo is gorgeous. The perfect flourish of beauty and color to compliment your post.

    PS Yes, a good pair of hiking boots makes mamma nature much more user friendly! 🙂

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