Dark Moon

The new moon has arrived once again, marking the passing of time. The day is dark as well, clouds and rain keeping the sun hidden away. It feels like a serious moon or perhaps it is just me, who can tell. My thoughts are still blocked and I find myself struggling to write anything, even a blog post. I have had to pull away from some of it, to keep from editing and deleting much of my other blog not located here. I’ve grown weary of some of it and I think it may be the time to move on. The connections to some I have there are treasured and I think it is the only thing that has held me for this long.

With this comes the desire, once again, to strike out and try something new. I just don’t know what that new thing should be. I haven’t had the time or patience to sit and start work on something that has been spinning in my head for a time, fiction spun from places and experiences close to me. It seems the interruptions of life are too strong at present, and I wonder when, if ever, they will allow me the time to travel down that road.

Impatience is something I have had to work with throughout my life, not waiting well for things that seem now to test me and ask me to wait even longer. Perhaps this is my “lesson” for this life, patience. Some days are easier than others, some spent content with the cares of everyday life knowing one day it will all come to me. Others are spent searching for the things that continue to elude me, wondering if this is all there is. Certainly the beauty of the day is something to hold and the sunlight on the meadow and the stars in the sky keep me thankful for each moment I am given.

Tonight I think I will try and journey with this new moon. Often we see the most when the moon hides her face from us, the darkness revealing her secrets to us. Until then I will listen to the quiet patter of the rain and work my way through the list of things that sit waiting for me.


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