Thoughts on a Summers Day

The last two nights have been quiet ones at my house, giving me time much needed for myself. I was up shamefully late into the night, sitting with my thoughts and words under the “light” of the dark moon. Of course not all plans go as smoothly as planned and while preparing a candle holder I’d forgotten was chipped I cut my finger rather badly. It was all very “dark” as I bled all over the things I’d set out. Once things were cleaned up and the finger tightly bandaged I was able to settle into my space. Settled as I was, I found my thoughts restless and I was unable to put my mind to just one idea. This has persisted throughout the day today and my earlier attempts at blogging left a post filled with a jumble of ideas.

There is a great deal of energy today, at least in my atmosphere, a day much warmer than predicted and filled with the makings of storms. It seems days like this are often the source of intense thughts and words. Certainly there have been studies showing such weather affecting behavior in different ways.

Most of the day has been spent drifting with music I have found and resting. My son and I plan to hike up to a fireworks show tonight, scheduled to take place rain or shine. Even as I rest, I feel a wild restlessness, one I can’t put my finger on and because of this can’t satisfy. It will pass no doubt, and the source of it all may or may not be discovered. It is a strong moon though she hides her face from us in her darkness. I know I’m feeling her call me, I just can’t quite make out the words.


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