Whispers While We Sleep

Today is more peaceful, the political fire in me once again calmed, brought into perspective by a friend.  This morning I slept while the wind howled at my window and had strange dreams filled with those I do not know. I woke feeling very calm and content as if my dreams were visited by one who wore a disguise.  I feel a tenderness swirling around me as I did in the dream. The faces of the dream are gone and the one who fills that spot is the only face that remains. What does it all mean? I have many ideas bouncing around in my head but perhaps it was just a dream nothing more. Perhaps, however, the wish I made before I fell into sleep was carried out into the wind and returned.

Dreams are a funny thing and most often I do not remember details once wake. The faces in this dream were, in fact, forgotten the minute my eyes opened, but not the experiences or warmth.  It has been a few days of strange dreams and maybe it is just life stirring things up.  However, I’m going to start writing them in a journal, something I have not done for some long time.  There have not been dreams to remember for days upon months.  Messages come in many ways, sometimes in whispers while we sleep.  I am listening.

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