Finding the Way

The last hours have been spent working and reading my newly purchased books that arrived. It has been a peaceful time and I have felt refreshed by that. I have closed my political post as I cannot stand the aura that surrounds politics. As one friend reminded me, many wars have started in the name of politics and religion.

I made it through the first of my books a continuation of one already purchased by the same author. I find myself very much aligned to her thinking and so her books flow quickly and easily for me. It will most certainly be read again many times. The other book is at the beginning and I think for my part I was too tired when I started it. The jury is still out and I will need to delve deeper into it before I cast my vote. It has come highly recommended but so far I don’t think it is for me.

As I grow older I find the need for contentment and peace. The noises other than the ones found in nature, music and conversations with others, are becoming harder to tolerate. There is a need to explore the world, its people and the books and music found there. I find I have been given many things on this journey so far, words, greater understanding and a look at things I might never have found. Many have tried to change me along the way into what they would have me be. It is not my destiny to be a warrior, a rebel or one who fights their way through life. We need those people and I applaud them, but again, it is not me. I am the one who will think quietly about what I see and experience and perhaps share a bit of it here and there.

Clearly I am rambling through this post and most of you are probably thinking “what is she talking about?” I just know that I am finding who I am and do not need books to tell me why and what I should do to become more complete, for lack of a better word. I will read the books of those who share my heart and soul, for only there will I find the way down the road of my life.


2 thoughts on “Finding the Way

  1. I am tired of it all too. I don’t want to say anything that comes out wrong for fear of being labeled. So I just step back from it all. People are blind and caught up in a dream of Utopia. If we keep attacking one another it’s likely this will never happen.

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