Getting to Know You

One of the first really warm summer days is upon us with sun and blue skies and I find myself without much to write. The last two days have been spent struggling over the existence of my UK blog. One of the tools I have monitors who visits and where they are from. It has been a very enjoyable tool much like the cluster maps, showing my son and I what a small world it is when we can touch each other in this way. Unfortunately it also shows you when visitors pop up that you would rather not have. Such is the case with the UK blog.

The initial discovery was one of surprise followed by an uncomfortable feeling that swept from my head to my toes. Sometimes ignorance is bliss I suppose. Blogging is a public thing and I enjoy posting if others enjoy reading my thoughts. I have no interest in making things private unless the issue is sensitive or extremely personal. In those cases it is doubtful such things will find their way to the pages of my blog.

Why this person came to my blog I don’t know. Perhaps they discovered it and just enjoy visiting. The IPIP be banned from that site and was assured this could not be done, as “innocents might be banned.” I take issue with this as the IPIP and who in the world would be banned that would be innocent? If truly they were a fan, I felt they could read me outside of the office.

After receiving the non ban news I went into a bit of a spin and deleted about two thirds of the content of that blog, not because it was incriminating in any sort of way. I felt so violated and so unprotected in my own community that I was angry. Today I have calmed and and put it all into perspective. There is nothing on the blog but the day to day things of my life. I will continue to post there and perhaps the person reading it will have an opportunity to learn a bit more about me and my thoughts. After all, getting to know one another is never a bad thing.


3 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. I have had an unwanted visitor to my blog as well. I don’t really know why this person would read what I write…except to make comments to hurt me. But, on the other hand if they want to read what I write..and they don’t get bothered if the harms they have done in my life is written about….then good for them I guess. Some people can be so strange!

  2. The lack of blogging etiquette, nowadays, is a serious problem. Fortunately, I have not had any real incident yet. But my other blog friends have had plenty. I applaud you for not abandoning the other blog altogether. We shall not let this person or any other brute out there ruining our blogging experience.

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