Moon on the Water

Tonight I ventured out under the moon, something I have been thinking of doing for as long as the moon has whispered to me.  I walked to the lake with my son and the dog, the moon nowhere to be found. My disappointment was real but the beauty of the night made me continue on.

As we approached the meadow, the place I call my fairy land, the fireflies twinkled in the darkness like miniature holiday lights. Even my son said it looked as if the meadow was filled with fairies. We walked on, the sweet scent of flowers filling the night, and the scent of all those that live in the meadow filling the air with mystery for the dog. As we reached the trail, it was quite dark, the moon still not visible and we hesitated for a moment wondering if we should journey further. There was a peaceful feel, the songs of the frogs and crickets filling the air and so we continued on.  Not long after, we reached the first turn to the lake and the fireflies filled the bushes and path making the walk magical beyond words.  We were, I am certain, the only ones there, the stillness broken only by the sound of an occasional fish jumping in the water or the beaver swimming by to his home.

We rounded the turn to the main dock and to my delight the moon was there,  huge and golden, her reflection shining from the water. Where she came from, I do not know but she seemed to know I was there. I stood on that dock for as long as I could feeling the energy and trying to speak, It was not nearly long enough as the dog, of course, had other plans and the intrigue of the night was just too much fun. We proceeded a bit further to my favorite tree, one with a chair made of roots. I have been there many times, enfolded by that tree. It is there I speak my peace and ask the water to carry words to the one who has wrapped my heart in the softest of threads.  I sat there with my son and the moon illuminated our little place by the lake. The reflections of the trees and the bridge in the water gave the feeling of two worlds looking at one another. Sadly it was late and as we knew the park had closed before we arrived, we started back to the house. As we left the dock, the moon disappeared, and try as we might we could not find her.  We looked at one another, both puzzled, and then walked on.

Now the moon shines down outside my window a golden orb in the night sky. Her magic filled my evening, something I think she knew I needed badly. When I look closely at her now, I can almost see her smile. I think she waits for me to journey with her in dreams.

2 thoughts on “Moon on the Water

  1. This made me smile, I am so happy that you fond time, and that she was waiting there for you…
    but then I don’t think that was a surprise..

  2. Your descriptions took me right there with you. It was a huge golden moon hanging when it first came up here.

    Where ever it is you live, it sounds most beautiful.

    It is beautiful where I live and I know how fortunate I am. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It’s easy to write about something when it is so wonderful.

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