Morning Ramblings

It is another beautiful morning. I am almost too tired to write and yet I feel words stirring around inside me. I posted yesterday and then removed the post during the night. It broke my rules of not discussing other people and their shortcomings. While I was trying to talk about the changes I have been going through I involved another individual in a negative way and I have vowed never to do this again.

There was not a post on Midsummer, something that may have come as a surprise to those of you who come here often. It was not that the day was forgotten, only that I celebrated it quietly and in my own way. It was a day of thought and those thoughts were not easily put to words.  I have found a home, at least I think I have, in the books I have found myself reading. They emphasize the connections with nature, less emphasis on structure and more on what feels right. I think in the past I tried so hard to “do things the right way” and it ended up feeling wrong.  I have never fit well with anything that resembles structured religion and this hasn’t changed over the years.

There is a strong spiritual side in me, one that moves with the elements of the earth and it’s people.  Perhaps this is what is fueling once again this longing to wander.  I know, at least for now, this cannot be a reality but still it stirs in my soul.  It seems as if something deep inside calls me to places it has traveled before,  as if it wishes to return home.  For now I will travel in dreams and hope my words find the people I would love one day to meet.


2 thoughts on “Morning Ramblings

  1. “I have found a home, at least I think I have, in the books I have found myself reading.”

    Care to share some of the titles.

    I’m afraid the titles might bore most but I am currently reading books my Marian Green. Her books are older and I started with one called “The Witch Alone.” Her view of following the path is more in tune with mine.

  2. I’ve missed visiting your blog and the soul nourishing words found here, life has been busy and not willing to take time outs for me to sit and play online much. Hope all is well with you and yours. *hugs*
    Summer is such a busy time for everyone. It’s also the time to be outside and enjoy the glorious weather. Readership is always down during these times. We are well thanks!

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