Summer Thoughts

Summer is racing past or so it seems. July is on the doorstep and I sit and wonder what happened to June. Time does indeed go by faster as we grow older. I wonder if it is the busy pace of life, or if life teaches us with age to appreciate the days we are given.

The warm days are here and the dragonflies of many colors buzz about. The waterlilies are in full bloom and the butterflies have finally arrived in force. My son and I are content to spend our days at the lake enjoying all it has to offer. One day soon he will too will slip away as our children do, and I know each day we spend together is a gift.

The words are coming but still are a big jumble in my head.  There is so much I want to write about as I reflect on the last two years and all of the changes I have gone through.  The past twenty four hours have left me dazzled with happy thoughts, reminding me that gifts often come in the smallest ways when you are least expecting them.  This has left my thoughts for a “looking back” post a bit more jumbled.  Once they clear I will put them to the page.  For now the lake and all it’s beauty calls.

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