The day I dreaded has arrived and we are moving out of our beloved place. I know that life goes on and that I will soon find another that I love equally, but right now my heart is breaking.  Who knew the heart could break over a rented townhome.  It is not just my heart […]

Scarborough Fair

I am not quite sure what made me think of this song tonight but it has always been one of my favorites.   Here are the lyrics, the song, and a some possible history behind it. Since posting music here fits the impossible task theme of the song, I had to post you tube, a quiet video […]

To The Lake

Tonight I took a walk to the lake with my son and the dog, an effort on my part to shake the uncertain feelings that have surrounded me for the last two days. The cause of the uncertainty has not been pinpointed though the negativity running through it was being fueled by many things. I […]


Over the last couple of days I started about four posts here that ended up in draft waiting no doubt to be deleted. I’ve been working on a private journal, not as easy as it sounded, and posting work by others due to an inability to produce anything to say. There is something stirring in […]

Moonlight, Summer Moonlight

‘Tis moonlight, summer moonlight, All soft and still and fair; The solemn hour of midnight Breathes sweet thoughts everywhere, But most where trees are sending Their breezy boughs on high, Or stooping low are lending A shelter from the sky. And there in those wild bowers A lovely form is laid; Green grass and dew-steeped […]

Writing Pages

The other night, when it was so warm, I started a private journal. I sat by candlelight trying to conserve energy and started filling the pages of one of the many blank journals that fills my bedside table. It’s just a plain journal with its dark blue cover, nothing with a golden binding or a […]