This Moment

Today is a beautiful July day, one of those good days that you hope will never end. The energy from the dark moon is strong or perhaps it is just the connection I feel to everything around me. Whatever the case, I am content to sit back and ride the wave of this vast contentment that fills me.

t has been a good few days filled with discoveries of the best kind, answers coming when questions were asked unlocking things within, words that still struggle a bit but are found.  Perhaps the time has come, as one friend said for things to be written, for things to be revealed.  I know she is right for in this moment there is no doubt.  The warmth I feel today tells me I am not alone and I can follow not only my head but my heart as they have been given this time to be be as one.

Tonight i would love to go to the lake and stand in the water under the dark moon, embracing this moment that has found me, speaking the words under the stars, whispering my heart in the wind. Forgive me if I go now and catch that wave again. No words I could write could weave a tapestry as beautiful as this day.


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