Summer Days and Nights

Another sunny day is here and with it the knowledge that my son’s best friends will be in Thailand for another two and a half weeks. I ran into their mother yesterday afternoon while on a walk and I have to say I almost cried when she told me. He has been lonesome without them as they live down the hill. He has other friends, one in another suburb who stands him up all the time, one who has started dating and whose life is now consumed by a teenage girl, and one who does not always share the same interests.  Thankfully he loves nature and has been working on a rather large nature tank that graces my deck, along with a tank of caterpillars that will soon be beautiful Monarch butterflies.  He has also been able to touch base with those abroad  through a mutual online group. I never thought I would be thankful for that but I am. He continues to amaze me with the discussions he starts on that group and I am at times in awe of his intelligence and sensitivity  to what is and is not important in this world. Still, there is nothing quite so lonely as a child without their friends and it has been a busy summer keeping him occupied. I have missed my down time but it cannot be helped. It has given us time to talk and talk..and talk, and I am getting to know my child very well.

There has been little time for me to do some of the things I have wanted to do.  Last night I had hoped to sit quietly on the deck and just listen and commune a bit with the dark moon.  Unfortunately or not,  my son’s new gaming system arrived at last and the dialog of Halo 3 did not lend itself to a good meditation.  As I lay in bed, words started flowing through me, beautiful ones that started coming together, but alas, I was so tired I found myself falling asleep as I heard them.  I hope to start writing them today.

Tonight it is back to work and it seems like the time just flies by. It has been a week of revelations and one of answered questions, at least where some parts of my life are concerned.  It has been a time for me to sit and learn to chase doubts away, always things from the past creeping back to make one hesitant about the present and future.  It has been a time of family and a time of intense connection with the heart and with the divine. The lady moon has a way of finding you no matter where you are if you so wish it.

Tomorrow I am off, for the holiday of course, and it will be a loud warm chaotic day, one of fun with my son filled with fireflies, fireworks. Quiet times will come again.


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