Tonight the moon is beautiful, a perfect crescent in the sky. The stars are out and the fireflies line the walk to the meadow. My house is quiet and for the first time in some days I have a moment to myself. The days before have been lost in sleep, the moments alone escaping me. Somehow I managed to rouse myself tonight from the sleep that was just about to wash over me for the night.

My dreams have been many and it is almost interesting to drift away to sleep, wondering what I will experience next. The latest dreams have found me dancing, a dream long forgotten. There is no music in the dreams, only dancing as I move through the room. I catch the air, almost weightless, turning and extending, an effortless motion that captures my body and soul. It is as if sleep is giving me a chance to live the dreams that have passed me by, the ones that cannot be captured “before it is to late.” With some things, such as dance, as I would have it, it is too late and this is the nature of life. There is no heartache in it, only a feeling that has moved inside me most of my life. It is no longer difficult for me to watch the ballet and I find myself lost in the music, my body dancing from some place hidden away.

Other dreams take me elsewhere reminding me of those who wait and of those I wait for, no longer drifting to the past but only forward. There is a presence in many of my dreams, a feeling of being watched, not uncomfortable but one of a welcome visitor. I suppose it all sounds a bit crazy, but I think that some dreams are an extension of our waking hours, a place where the day falls away and we can be released.

I suppose i will sit up a bit longer and enjoy the moon and stars, perhaps write a bit and whisper some words to the night air. My dreams will be waiting as they always are, my ballet slippers ready as the night carries me way to the next dance.


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