Life As It Is

Sometimes I wonder if I ever really took on writing seriously, how I would fare.  Blogging is a big enough challenge, getting the words right amidst the day to day interruptions of life. Just a few minutes ago, I was working on something close to the heart, the words slowly finding their way, when my son announced “the dog has peed on the floor.”  Now where do you go from there with a thought that evaporates in a moment of frustration.

There are times I think if I could only get away I could write and write. Maybe then, the stillness would bring so many words they would tangle themselves up in knots. Maybe I would be so unaccustomed to such quiet that I would find myself relishing the moment rather than writing a single word.

The last few days have been filled with so many words and yet I find myself unable to get them from where they now sit, to where they are written on a page.  My sleep has been up and down and the time available for me to write, limited. A bored child and a naughty dog certainly add to the mix.

So another summers day waits and so must any writing I might hope to accomplish. Perhaps one day I will put it all together and churn out something great.  The lake calls and away we will go. Tonight, should the stars favor me, I can perhaps find some time for pen and paper.


One thought on “Life As It Is

  1. The interruption with the dog peeing in the house is a perfect example. My pug sometimes pees inside when we haven’t taken her out frequently enough, and I’m so rattled when she does.

    I have a quiet writing room, and now my daughters love being in there with me. It’s true, it’s a great room, one of the coziest spots in the house. So I go there to write, and suddenly I’m surrounded. They’ll ask if they can just sit with me, which I hate to tell them “no.” I know I need to set boundaries. It’s not my strength.

    So, for now, living. They won’t live with me for long. They are my priority much as I long for uninterrupted writing daily.
    It’s easy to never say no but it’s also very easy to lose yourself in others. I have waited a very long time for this alone time and I do not feel selfish in demanding it. While my child is a priority I am important as well. When they are smaller it’s much harder and really you have to put things like this on the back burner.

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