Today has been a beautiful day, one that is going by too quickly, just like life in general I suppose. Last night I took the night off work and spent it entertaining my bored child. We went to the movies and for the very first time I watched with amusement and a soft pang in my heart as, while waiting to go home, he spent his time watching a girl. He circled wide around me answering me only in ways that would rival the best ventriloquist, his mouth barely moving.

It has finally happened, like the butterfly that first hatches from the cocoon and then waits, slowly drying their wings before the final flight away. Girls have entered the scene and lit up his world, like the lightening that lit up the sky last night after the storms. They entered suddenly, with no warning, these young beautiful creatures who now watch him whenever we are out, calling to him with compliments to catch his notice. No, it was not just one girl but many, though only one seemed to gain his interest. It is fascinating to see what attracts your children when it does happen and as he is very open with me, he tells me when he finds someone attractive or not. Sandy hair seems to be the going theme right now.

Last night reminded me that life goes on for all of us. It moves by swiftly and we should take time to cherish it. Another butterfly has emerged today from the tank of cocoons my son keeps, flying away on this beautiful summer day. As it flew, I looked at the tall handsome young man, who not long ago was a little boy with white blond hair, knowing one day soon, he will fly as well.


One thought on “Changes

  1. I am definitely not at this stage with my boys but applaud your openness to this shift.

    I can really imagine the mixture of feelings that emerge when we see our children reaching out with loving intent.

    Wishing you well.

    As different as it feels, I know he will always be around me. I am ready to have a life of my own even though his childhood has gone by in an instant.

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