Where To Draw the Line

This morning I came across this article while reading the Sunday paper. As I read the article I couldn’t imagine any company endorsing something like this, but it was the comments from readers that really disturbed me. After all was said and done, I posted this on my other blog and was assailed by a blog member who could not understand what bothered me. I sat and thought about his comment for a few minutes and then realized he, and most of those who commented on this article seemed to miss the point.

Those who are to benefit from this fundraiser are homeless teens, kids who often find themselves in situations where they are exploited for sex. When we have a company that caters to young people, ask them to do a striptease and then post it on the internet, we should be disturbed. We in fact should be outraged, but it seems so many just don’t get it.

I responded to the blogger who left the comment and I’m sure he will snicker and think me an outdated prude. Perhaps this is a taste of the next generation and I am indeed old and out of touch. Perhaps, though, we have lost site of where to draw the line and we are headed for deep trouble.


3 thoughts on “Where To Draw the Line

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  2. If being opposed to young adults trading a striptease video of themselves for clothing for the homeless makes one a prude well then I am right there with you.

    I was so glad that you posted about this and brought it to my attention. The thought of the disturbed individuals who will be able to take advantage of these videos to appease their desires (remember there is nothing during the submission process that I could see that requires a poster to be 18) makes me ill. The thought of my own daughter being tempted to do this “for a good cause” makes me what to deadbolt her in her bedroom until she is 21.

    It is just disturbing!!

  3. “Perhaps this is a taste of the next generation and I am indeed old and out of touch.”

    If this is what the new generation is all about, I’m rather be out of touch. Glad you gave the shameless blogger a piece of your mind.

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