By The Light of the Moon

It has been one of those days, one you would rather forget. We all have them but knowing that doesn’t make getting through it any easier.  I went for a walk in the night air to help me relax and the moon was beautiful, all pale gold with a hazy veil all around.  It hung in the sky over the hot summer night and was accented by a few stars in the sky and fireflies on the path.  The fireflies were not as abundant as they have been but there were toads everywhere, watching us as we made our way down the road.

Truth be told, it was almost too hot to walk until we came to the lower portion of the path toward the trail. At that point the dog refused to budge, always at the same place by the meadow, something she does on nights that feel very magical. This was fine with me as the heat had taken it’s toll and we turned back toward the house.

As warm as it made me, I already feel somewhat lighter and as I sit writing without lights to conserve energy, the magic of candlelight fills the room lending itself to the feel of the night.  I think I will go back and sit on the deck for a few minutes and savor the moon before bed, perhaps asking for some dreams to sweeten the end of a long day.

3 thoughts on “By The Light of the Moon

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  2. I’m in love with the full moon. It’s come at the perfect time (again) this month! lol Its awesome how your puppy feels the magic 🙂

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