Looking for Light

Today is another typical July day, steaming hot and humid. There has been a power outage and so my time today will probably be spent away from home for at least part of the day. The house is shut tight to preserve the cool air and the computer is hooked up to a remote power source for just a bit.

This has been a frustrating day as I had much that needed to be accomplished and now none of it is getting done.  I suppose in the great scheme of things it really doesn’t matter but it is not even a good day to venture to the lake.  It is far too hot of a walk, and then we would return home to a house that is not well cooled. Last night the moon was brilliant,  a full moon by Friday.

As always seems the case, I am in a state of discontent as the energy of the full moon moves General restlessness surrounds me and finding what to write is challenging among other things.  I think tonight, if things cool at bit after sundown, I may sit outside and just take in the light of the moon.  Perhaps it will illuminate the way  for me

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