The rhythm of life continues and the full moon has once again made its way to us, the beauty and light leaving me filled with emotion and words. As is usually the case these words sit within me letting me think on them but not share them. The moon has a mystical hold on me, sometimes keeping the words back while they form their pictures. Often, I think, those pictures are for me alone, at least in the beginning, and once savored, I am left to do with them what I will.

It seems the last couple of months the emotion of those words has intensified and I find myself opening in ways that leave me surprised. There is a new direction in some aspects of my life, almost a boldness, and while some things are making me restless and unsettled, unsure of what my direction will be, others are moving over me, settling with a contentment and a feeling of things coming together. I have been writing a great deal about some things because of these feelings and I suppose it would be time to refresh the pages here with something new.

Still I find the words come as they are given, just as the pieces of our life puzzle come only when it is our time. Today I feel the energy of the moon flowing through me even in the sunlight of a beautiful summer day. Tonight regrettably I will be at the office and unable to sit under the shimmering light she gives, watching the way it dances on the water of the lake.

The moon will follow me there and though I cannot see her, except for the quick glances at the window, her light will continue to illuminate the way down the road. She has been with me since the start of this journey and has taught me patience, at least some, and to ride the wave of life. Some days those waves come crashing in with new discoveries or just chaos and uncertainty. Those waves will retreat often leaving behind treasures, like the seashells found on the beach. Some treasures are found when the waves first come crashing to the shore, and while you see them, it is only when the stillness returns that you can find yourself in their embrace.


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