To The Lake

Tonight I took a walk to the lake with my son and the dog, an effort on my part to shake the uncertain feelings that have surrounded me for the last two days. The cause of the uncertainty has not been pinpointed though the negativity running through it was being fueled by many things. I took a step back from some of those things today and decided perhaps it is time for change in some things.

There is roadwork by my home and lots of it, so the walk to the lake followed a detour. It was a bit long but quiet and filled with pretty homes with even prettier gardens. Once we arrived at the lake we found we were not alone in this idea, our favorite places to roost being filled with people fishing, teenagers spending the evening together and some just having a quiet moment together on the docks. We finally found a spot by my tree, sharing our space with another person enjoying the beautiful evening. He spotted a large snapping turtle, much to the delight of my son, the area naturalist. The lake was as smooth as glass, not a ripple on the water or breeze in the air. Fortunately it had cooled a bit making it more tolerable than evenings past.

The birds were quiet tonight, as we waited for twilight and I had hoped when darkness came, to catch some pictures of the moon on the lake, We did not manage to last quite that long and started home. We decided to try the trail even though the signs said “trail closed.” It had been fine but for some machinery there when we had last been that way but tonight part of it was gone. We turned back, with all hope that the trail will be back one day. I have had many wonderful walks on that trail and truly it is part of the delight of going to the lake. We made it back over the main road through the dust and dirt of nearby construction, the dog delighted at all the litter on the side of the road.

The moon had not yet made her appearance by the time we reached home but I think I will spend some time on the deck enjoying the view and her light tonight. My mood has improved and though I still am feeling a bit uncertain I know that this is only a passing thing. Still I hope it passes soon. It is late and the moon now calls me to come and visit for a while. May your night be filled with dreams.

3 thoughts on “To The Lake

  1. You’re lucky you can take walks at such times of the night, here in my little corner of the world the mosquitos would have been thick as thieves. I hope your trail is back soon. 🙂

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