The day I dreaded has arrived and we are moving out of our beloved place. I know that life goes on and that I will soon find another that I love equally, but right now my heart is breaking.  Who knew the heart could break over a rented townhome.  It is not just my heart that is being considered here and I think if this was just my issue it would not be half so difficult.

This is where I began my journey, where I came alive. Perhaps I have a fear that it will all go away once I move to a new place and sleep under a new roof.  It is funny how silly fears like this can creep up on you. If moving was not enough, I got the wild idea to see if I could qualify to buy a place.  There were several people who called me and the paper trail has begun.  I am unsure of where it will all lead and maybe it will just succeed in giving me gray hair.

Tonight I feel kind of alone in this big world and I hope to find the strength to get through the next few days.  Of course the strength will find me, as it always does.  I may be off the blog for a bit while I settle myself and my family. May you all enjoy your summer days and nights until I return.

4 thoughts on “Moving

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  3. OMG…I had NO idea you had to move! Even under the best of circumstances it can be a stressful, unsettling time.

    You know…there is this thought that I have (having moved almost 20 times in my life). Even when I don’t always ‘get’ it – I always end up at the exact right place at the exact right time.

    Keep the faith! She is watching over you and the move and your new home….ALL is truly well!

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