Signing Off for Now

As it is about time to disconnect things. I thought I would leave a parting post before I go on my little break. Today we packed and packed and no doubt I will be up most of the night packing. Tomorrow my daughters boyfriend will be back and we will finish, put things in storage, as we have no idea where we will be, and then go and check in at our short stay place.

We have found two places, one that will only take a day or two to get us in, if things go well. While it is a major drag to take things in and out of storage, nothing can be done. The food can go to the place we will stay as they will have a full kitchen. I emailed my oldest son today to see if we could start patching up our differences and if I could perhaps get some help. The email I received back made it clear that I may, for the remainder of my life, be down one son. I will never in my life know what it was I did, but that was the first time I broke down crying today. The coldness and detachment of his response cut like a knife. All I can say is there will be regrets and they will not be mine.

The second time I broke down and cried happened when I picked up the phone and was told my mortgage had been approved. This was a flight of fancy I started entertaining over the weekend mind you. I have been besieged by realtors and mortgage officers for days. So on top of it all, I go and look at a townhome tomorrow, two blocks from where I am living. It would mean a month or a little less in short stay, depending on how fast I can get paperwork together but if I like the place it will be worth it.

What can I say, it is nothing but fun here right now, no stress whatsoever. I will check in soon. Look for me under the stars and moon.

4 thoughts on “Signing Off for Now

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  2. OMG
    It never rains that it pours.
    I will keep a candle lit and look for you in the darkness under the stars with out the light of the moon.
    May you find the joy in each day unfolding..

  3. I am new here, but I have to say I agree with leafless…

    life moves on and new doors will open now.

    And like Sorrow…I will mention you when I burn my candles.

    Energies of strength to you and peace of heart!

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