The Falling Star

The last few days have been exhausting both physically and emotionally.  The move is done and I find myself still recovering from the heat and lack of sleep, something that seems to accompany every move of my life.  With just the few of us working, it was a round the clock venture, one that left bits and pieces of a life lying on the curb, with a move forward into as yet, some uncertainty. 

While I am certain this will all come to a positive closure, the exhaustion of it followed by the mire of paperwork involved in something I never expected to be doing, is overwhelming. I am touching base now, as my computer is in storage while I drift between destinations.  As of this moment I feel a bit like a falling star, moving swiftly through an unknown time and space, waiting for what the next moment will bring.

Life is like this at times, a wild ride through time and space.  As I grow older, however, I grow weary of such rides and would prefer to drift softly perhaps in the arms of another, watching the stars shine bright in the sky and making my bed in the clouds. 


4 thoughts on “The Falling Star

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  2. Positive closure indeed! Rest now and renew your energies..both in body and spirit.

    Don’t forget…falling stars are lucky! 🙂

    Re-newing energies to you and peace of heart.


  3. I adore moves, the adventure and newness of it all…I miss what I’m leaving but am eager for where it is next I shall call home. My hopes and prayers for you to find your heart’s conetent. *hugs*

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