The Days of Waiting

The days of waiting have turned into the days of producing paperwork, the most tedious part of my search for home. As I work on gathering the things needed, I find myself almost feeling panicked, something I cannot explain and so I have been working to calm myself.  I can appreciate now, the merits of a personal assistant, someone who, while I panic, could gather and forward the needed details.

Last night I stood outside under the moon, and I felt and overwhelming urge to be surrounded by those of the same mindset as myself.  Not only did I crave the support I found myself in need of being carried away, even just a little, to magical mystical places, thinking I suppose, that others might be able to augment my efforts where I have not been successful. 

The days seem to be rushing by now, as Autumn waits on the horizon.  My need to get settled is great, topped only by my need to be nurtured. I imagine most people have these same needs at such times.  Reading the thoughts of others on various blogs has at least been a help and It feels today as if I am being called to a journey, perhaps one within myself.  The voice is strong pushing its way through a mind overwhelmed with details. Tonight if I can stay awake and find a bit of quiet I will do a better job of listening. If all else fails, I can go sit outside under the moon. She seems to find me no matter where life takes me.

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