The Beauty of the Darkness

A beautiful late summers day has turned to evening and with it brought a peace I have not felt for far too long. It seems in the midst of the chaos the person within has been struggling hard to be heard. I have remembered the feel of nature around me and have allowed myself, at last, to think about the lake, the trails and meadows left behind.  It is not in my nature to look back, as through life I learned well to manage such emotions pushing through the day to day business of life.

This week I remembered the moon and the stars. I remembered the gentle breeze on the water and the beautiful shimmer of candles where I often sit thinking and listening.  I have been away from this too long, caught up in the details of life. Those details are still there, but now I hear the familiar voice calling me back to where it is I need to be.  

The new moon arrives once more on Saturday, her darkness signaling new beginnings. It is the end of August and beginning of September and with it, the first of the Autumn paint upon the landscape.  The darkness of the new moon is filled with mystery, energy and beauty.  When embraced she will take you on a journey through the ages and one within yourself, a journey that for me is filled, this time, with emotions and words.  This is a powerful moon, and as she grows dark I can feel her silvery mist reaching to help me find the way.  Yes, I have been away too long. 


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