Walk Away for a Day

Yesterday was the day I finally hit the wall. I turned off the phone and stormed about the room ranting to my daughter. I knew this day was coming, given the stress level kept at fever pitch, I just didn’t know when. It was time to walk away from it all, if just for a short while.  Demands were out of the question and I knew I could not communicate in a gracious way to those making them.  It was a good thing to walk away, and today I feel somewhat, if not totally rested.  It seems a few things are going my way the last couple of days, and perhaps the return of the new moon signals that I am nearing the end of this latest journey.

In the great world of home buying it seems those you encounter most often, forget the  fallout caused by the daily ups and downs of the lending process and the constant demands for yet another bit of my bank account.  We are people who need to get settled. We need to get on with our lives.  One way or another this will happen and I have to say I have reached the point where I cannot be dangled much longer.

Of course I am just ranting away, my stress being no different and probably much less than what others might be experiencing.  Still I am learning that minimizing my feelings because someone else might be feeling worse, does nothing but save them for another day and perhaps a much larger meltdown. It is best after all, to get it all out on the table. Now I can take a breath, at least for today and enjoy the beautiful last days of August and perhaps even feel the energy of the new moon.

Thank you for listening.

2 thoughts on “Walk Away for a Day

  1. Sometimes it’s just good to let everything go — without beating yourself up about it. Everything will be there when you get back

  2. Yes my dear…get away…just walk and breathe! Your venting is cleansing for your body, mind, and spirit…don’t feel guilty.

    I have had a lot of craziness lately too so I understand…some alone time helps!

    Good energies and peace of heart to you!

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