The Secret Road

Today I am in a place of peace and tranquility, something so powerful I am at a loss to explain it. All is right with the world, so right in fact, that I feel myself almost drifting between worlds. Perhaps someone walks with me today sheltering me from the burdens of these past weeks. Whatever it is, I am relishing this part of the journey and I am listening closely for what whispers the wind may carry my way.

This feeling takes me back two years ago to an Autumn where I began to unfold, finding things and in turn being found by things I could not explain or understand.  Over the last two years I have searched for a better understanding of it all.  While on that journey for understanding I have experienced amazement, arrogance,  doubt,  and finally the true knowledge of how little I really know about any of it.  Through it all, some things have been constant while others have fallen away.  Paths have changed and ideas with them as I have discovered what fuels my soul and what takes it away. 

Last night I started thinking about how long it has been since I have been alone with just the light of candles and the company of shadows.  It was then that this feeling swept over me, as if the shadows heard my thoughts and came to join me. They have brought with them thoughts that carry me down a secret road lined with trees that hold old memories and mysteries. 

This may seem like senseless babbling to those who have never traveled this road, but for those who have, it is an unforgettable journey.


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