An Autumn Day

Autumn arrived quietly in the night, the crisp air and sunny skies greeting us this morning.  Soon the trees will turn the many brilliant colors of fall.  the seasons continue to turn and we must turn with them as they wait for none of us but if we embrace them, carry us along with their magical beauty.

Autumn has always held me tightly in it’s spell, much like those people you seldom meet, the ones whose words say “I have always known you.”  Autumn, I think, is a part of me and has been since I was a child. I remember my mother telling me how much I noticed the changes fall brought and she was amazed that as i grew, it never went away. As it happens, it has grown stronger and now I feel an energy around me that is unmistakable. It is as if with the trees, I take on brilliant colors and find a new energy within myself like no other time of the year. 

The windows are open today, letting in the fresh breeze of a cool September day.  I can almost hear the earth speaking to me as the air moves past me. My thoughts are also turned to those things that are a part of my soul, and no matter what else comes my way, I cannot ignore them.  There is magic in the Autumn air and the elements weave themselves together to form a circle of dazzling beauty around me.  Amidst the falling leaves I wander, my soul content, knowing I am home.


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